Food Diary: Crete & Athens

Since ancient times, Cretan cuisine has been based on several basic elements: olive oil, herbs, fish and seafood, goat or lamb meat, vegetables and fruits grown on the island. Later, Venetian and Ottoman influences were added to them, which created a special cuisine. Crete has many dishes that are found everywhere in the mainland of Greece, but also some specific only to this area.

  • Dakos (cretian salad) on Paximadi bread with feta cheese and olives
  • Breakfast Mix
  • Cretan Meze and Rosé wine
  • Calamari and chips
  • Souvlaki in pita bread
  • Tzatzíki
  • fried aubergine
  • Stamnagathi, a variety of wild chicory that only grows in the mounanious areas in Crete
  • more Calamari...
  • grilled sardines
  • me having a "Mamos" beer in the streets of Athens
  • greek coffee and "spoon sweets" preserved oranges in sirup